Saturday, May 05, 2012

the joy of mine life

Happy Kodomo no hi!

Although it's only a Japanese holiday, it's still a very special one I like to keep in tradition till the day I die no matter WHERE I live. :)
We should ALL celebrate our children, not only today, but every day, all the time! No matter how many times they might tire you out, confuse you, frustrate you, sometimes drive you up the wall, they will ALWAYS be the best choice you've ever made/the best "mistake" that's ever happened to you.
For someone so small, a child is so intelligent and bright. Their hearts are overflowing, and they somehow always manage to find it in them to easily forgive and forget. They can always put a smile on your face. They help you find the simplest solutions to the most intricate and confusing problems.
They are each a baby genius' sent to make your life brighter, fuller, and just overall complete.
So thank you, and cheers to all the millions of children in this world.
You've made each parent blessed.
And thank you, my babyman, Jason, for choosing us to parent you. It's an honor and a joy. A total rollarcoaster, but worth every scream and heartbeat! It's a thrilling life with you. I love you!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jason's Funny Sayings

He says the funniest things. Which make so much sense, it makes it even more hilarious!

So Jason looks at my empty bottle of Umeshu and says, "Mommy, yous drink it all and get drunk."
TRUE STORY. how'd he know?? hahahaha

the other day he comes up to me and says, "Mommy, you a cheeseball. I gunna kick you like a soccer ball!"
Whaaaat!??! dunno where that came from! Joe?? loool

he was telling me stories and he said, "Once upon a time there's a boy with rocks and he killed Goliath."
Me: Isn't that David and Goliath?
Jason: No mommy,  it's my story!
Me: Oh Ok..
Jason: So Goliath dies and the power rangers come to fight.
Me: Whoa wait, the power rangers? Where did they come from?
Jason: From my story mommy! I tell you!

Jason: Once upon a time there was a girl in a castle.
Me: A princess?
Jason: Ya. And she died at the top from the powerful man
Me: She died? Oh no buddy, princesses shouldn't die. Tell me a happy story.
Jason: okaaaayyy. The princess and the good man
Me: The prince?
Jason: Ya. the prince do racing and he win
Me: Racing, like on horses?
Jason: No mommy! Race cars
Me: Oh...okay so now it's a modern story?
Jason: And they take a shower cus they soooo dirty and live in a castle! THE END!!
Me: Wow buddy, that's a nice story
Jason: ya, I know good story!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

back again


weeell I've been trying for the last 3o mins to upload photos onto my blog here, and it ain't seem to be happening tonight so I'm gunna give up before I punch a hole through the screen...or someone or something... ahem.. and leave it with words for now.

I'm not even gunna get STARTED with the excuses. I just don't find blogging as easy as FB...
there I said it.
so far so good. Joe's work is picking up and my house keeping is not as much as I want, but I have one regular clean that I do every 2 weeks so at least its a small something to put into our wittle piggy banks :)
Jason was accepted and is now registered!! (to the school)
I'm so excited!
I've just recently joined a gym..yeahh I am now one of those people..darn. it's nice though. different atmosphere and also some time away just for me myself and I :)
sometimes I take joe and jas with me and there's a daycare in the gym, so we go workout together while Jason plays with other buddies. he loves it so Im pretty sure he'll love school :) YAY
he's so smart!! and so interactive with us. Joe loves it!
I'm always blown away with this little guy and how every day he learns something new, and never fails to surprise me no matter what I prepare myself for!
KIDS! baby genius' I tell ya!

as for the Japan/Hirasawa+extended family reunion, we're still not sure about that one. We're trying to look into it and keep our options and eyes opened, but we'll have to wait and see. I say just go ahead and book the right time for you guys, cus things are sorta hectic over here for the time being...
perhaps another chat online LILS would be a good idea. then you can tell us what's going on, etc,.
so that pretty much sums things up for ya!
there's so much more going on but I think I'll save that for later:)
photos will come next! should this blog decide to finally work on me for once...
until then!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

My little babyman

Growing up so fast, it's too much for meeee!
the other day we made the phone call to the nearby school to have him registered for September. I know he hasn't even been registered or accepted yet, but for me that call was craazaaaaayyy! I was thinking, omg, my little baby is all grown up and here we are, starting out down the road to sending our very first child into the schooling world. it's a pretty hectic feeling. and I know I'll be one of those moms who cry as they watch their kids get on the bus and happily wave byebye.
I'm excited for him and nervous at the same time. I know the kind of system out there and how its run. I know the kids and the way they are these days. I know I won't be able to shelter him from all that anymore. it won't just be me and him and joe. now it'll be all those other people out there influencing him.
but I know it's good for him, and us as parents. we just need to learn how to work with it and parent him in the right ways. we've been having so many talks about it recently. when a certain thing comes up like drugs/sex/parties/girls etc,. how to help him through it all and help him see the better choices, and how to get up and learn from the wrong ones.
it's all a big adventure and although I'm a bit scared of it all, I'm somewhat eager to experience it all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

SORRY!! I've been pretty negligent with my blog once again because...errr...I'm putting everything on FB and forgetting about this one..
yes...the truth comes out!
Christmas was a huuuuge success!!
Joe was not going to spend christmas with us but he went ahead and surprised us on christmas eve by showing up and saying he got the day off!
super surprised! and Jason was overjoyed!!
Christmas couldn't have been better..
YAY! :)
anyways, so far everything's been settling back down to, er, normal, should I say? no more christmas hustle. just good ol' starting the year by taking it easy.
Although, my birthday IS coming up next month so I have joe on birthday alert. aka. planning ahead, getting good ideas together, saving money..ETC. heh. yes. I'm a brat like that!
this year is going to be another crazy one! god knows how much longer we'll be living here and Jason is going to go to school in September..and I'm going to start working next week! ACK! all so soon and i feel as though I don't have time to catch up!
people are asking me when another one is coming along and I tell them, NOT YET! but in my head I start to ask myself that one. because I do want one or two more. so that's another "plan" we have to think about later one as well.
sometimes accidents are just THAT much easier.
signing off.
will be more faithful.
hey, Im a new gal!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

onnnn another note....

I wanted to congratulate myself and Joe on our new baby!
it's a Honda Civic (good car for what we can afford) and is beaautiful. I love it! beats the old Neon Chrysler any day of the week!
the neon finally broke down and so we came across this baby for 5k. now we're smooth sailing and dare I say, nit-picky with eveeerything about it. the interior is light so the rule is no more food in the car. Joe's babying it good. we're gonna take good care of this one I tell ya!


This Christmas is going to be pretty different and a little sad because Joe is going to be working from the 23 straight till the 27th because he's the "bottom of the barrel" when it comes to his job, so while all the other senior techs are getting holidays, he's working is ass off in the friggin cold.
all to say, it's just not happening that he can get a day off.
so as much as I am a stubborn wife, he's told me to go up to my parents anyways and spend christmas with them for the sake of Jason getting his christmas.
and we can't change our cmas dinner because my grandparents are already coming up and can't change their plans, etc,. etc,.
a whole bunch of crazyness, but that's the basic idea.
It'll be pretty sad, being that I've never spent a cmas away from Joe ever since a few years into our relationship!! so that's saying something..perhaps...5 years?
I won't ramble on too much about this since I've already done that and Joe wants to hear none of it!
Im just hoping time will go quickly and I can see him again.
he'll be off work for the 28th and 29th..
then holy heck, it's 2012!!
that's the joys of having a son. you can't be with one guy, you can always resort to the other one! hehehe. so I'll never be short a man. ever.
Merry early Christmas and I'll catch you all later with photos and more rambling!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Me and Joe have just recently noticed that whenever Joe would come home in the evening, Jason would make it hard for him and always say things like, "no I want to read with mommy." or "I give mommy love. not you" or, "daddy you're mean. I want mommy."
and Joe's been feeling really hurt. and we've been trying to figure it out, cus when Joe is home, he's always focusing on Jason and really putting good quality time into him.
so just today I realized just what it is. Because when we woke up this morning, Jason asked as usual, where daddy was. And I told him that "daddy is working today." but instead of shrugging it off and getting on with his day, he started saying, "Not again. Daddy always working. He come home in the afternoon, when it is sun." and I told him, "no buddy, daddy will come home when it gets dark. after we have dinner." and he got really upset with me and almost cried.
so I went on trying to comfort him and tell him Daddy will be home soon to play, etc,. etc,.
anyways, so tonight Joe comes home and as usual, I get my free time while he gets Jason ready for bed and reads storytime. And Jason starts to say the same things like, "I don't like you daddy." "I want mommy to read me story" etc,. and Joe is starting to really freak out, like, why does my son not like me???
But I already started getting the idea from this morning so me and Joe started to talk to Jason and try to figure out what was going on. And Jason ran over to the bed and covered his face and started to act all distant and weird on Joe.
He was starting to get all emotional and odd on us so I told Joe it was probably because he missed him when he was gone at work and didn't like that he came home so late--because Jason really did looove hanging out with him. So joe started to ask questions and get the little bugger's thoughts to roam free. and Jason started to get teary eye and say things like, "I don't like you going to work." "You gunna go tomorrow. I sad" stuff like that..
so we realized Jason's just trying to deal with his little emotions. he misses his dad and doesn't like it when Joe is gone. so the only way he figures will work, is to be angry with Joe when he comes home.
not the best way to work things out there little buddy, but it's a good start to communicating and learning to deal with his emotions physically and mentally in a big boy way.
it's weird to see Jason acting so grown up. it shocks me sometimes to see how much he understands and how much he can be so grown up at times. almost crazy!
We just need to keep our communications clear and constant, make sure to always talk about things and dig deep into that little brain of his, cus it's running wild and growing so darn fast!! and Joe's gunna make sure to spend extra EXTRA quality time with him, so we'll see where this goes.
I'm telling you, age 3 in a kid's year, amazing...
they change so drastically. insane!